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For administration and office staff.

Teacher Class Mail Web
Castillo-Abate, Hilda History 7  
Andresen, Karen Library
Arnold, Lauri Science 7 & 8
Behm, Molly Math 8
Brooks Long, Sara Science 7
Day, Jon English 8  
Dee, Zack PE 7 & 8

Filippo, Terri

Special Ed. RSP
Gavre, Laura Special Ed. RSP  
Gragg, Seann PE 8
Hazen, Terra Science 7
Jimenez, Jennifer English 7. 8
Jones, Lynette Special Ed. RSP  
Klemenok, Kevin Band & Chorus  
Kneeland, Robin English 7

Lamansky, Greg

History 8
Lang, Thomas Science 8
Mantoani, Dionne English 7, 8
McGaughey, Amy PE 7
Montoya, Susan Special Ed, RSP  
Murphy, Martin History 8
Nelson, Diane History 7
English 7, 8
Nugent, Charlene Independent Living
Culinary Arts

Ostendorf, Kelly

Osterlye, Anne Spanish
Petersen, Shannon
Science 8
Raya, Julie
PE 7
Sager, Heidi Math 7

Salzano, Carol Special Ed. RSP  
Street, CarolAnn Math 7
Sullivan, Elizabeth English 8
Thompson, Linda Special Ed. RSP  
Tomlinson, Allison Spanish, History 7
Tucker, Brian PE 8
Wright, Nancy Math 8


Our garden grows food for the cullinary arts class!

Our Bantams help us show our spirit at games and events.

Our dancers preform at events.

Have a nice walk down the hall!


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